For The Workplace

Ohanastar for Office Buildings

We provide an easy-to-use online system to connect your building businesses and create a modern community.

• Add a stunning, customized, private community website to elevate your building

• Gain the tools your management team needs to understand and socially interact with building members.

• Blog and effortlessly send newsletters to enhance the building amenities and encourage random collaborations.

• Reach out and organize your local small businesses to give your building a sense of place.

Connect and inspire your building members with a managed online community.

Create your building brand and stand out.

Take advantage of co-working office principles.

Attract the most successful and creative companies.

Provide tenants with a system to communicate, collaborate and love your building.

Everyone likes to come to work if they have friends and a community life there.

Use a social interface to elevate your management team to Community Leaders.

Understand and interact with your business members using polls, surveys, newsletters and statistics.

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